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Swisscom World Cup Ski Movie - how it works

A worthy additional to the two race days: The original World Cup slope, a starting gate, light sensors and two cameras together form the professional backbone of the new World Cup Ski Movie service. It gives amateur skiers a unique opportunity to have their racing descent filmed in its entirety from start to finish. What's more, this sporting experience is incredibly easy to use. Simply scan your ski pass and off you go. The two cameras will record your descent digitally and create a professional-quality video for you. Your personal ski movie can then be accessed using your ski pass number from or the Skiline app. Why not play your own video while watching a recording of the real event?

Experience the Classic of all Classics


Live broadcasts in 15 countries, 40,000 spectators on site, 3000 helpers - these figures all underline the value placed on the Ski World Cup at Chuenisbärgli. The illustrious history of this classic event extends not only back over 50 years of ski racing in Adelboden; this unmatched-in-steepness course between the starting pistol and Giisbruni characterizes the entire central ski region to this very day. Simply knowing you are on the same snow with the same view as the slalom professionals lends a note of excitement to any descent into the Engstlige Valley.

The performance of the experts should inspire the gentler turns of the amateur because the Ski World Cup enjoys an increasingly marked presence in the ski resort and its international aura can be felt everywhere. This begins with the huge banners and signposts to Chuenisbärgli. Whether you are currently on Silleren or Hahnenmoos, the skier icon proves that in a manner of speaking all roads really do lead to Rome. Indeed, the centrality of the ski event during those two race days each January can be seen throughout the season. For anyone skiing in the vicinity of the renowned slope, the World Cup Zone Card is ideal. Attractively priced, this includes all the lifts in the Silleren-Chuenisbärgli area.

But the World Cup slope is not only a point of reference on the map - you can also ski on it just like the world's best. The original route has a starting gate which for once is not reserved solely for Marcel Hirscher. There is a light sensor here to time amateur racers as well, plus two cameras filming every curve so that spectators to the side of the piste can follow your graceful dance between the gates. At the same time, the ski movie permits a much greater number of people to watch your action on the big screen - free of charge and for the first time in Switzerland on an authentic FIS Ski World Cup piste.

After your descent in the tracks of the slalom legends, the return journey by cable car need not be without its heroes either. For this reason, each chair on the Chuenisbärgli lift bears the likeness of a World Cup winner from the last 50 years. Anyone taking a seat here is in the company of ski giants such as Pirmin Zurbriggen, Bode Miller or Didier Cuche. After all, it's the timeless presence of these ski aces which gives every twist and turn in Adelboden that certain something.


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from 19 January 2019

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