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Dandelion Honey Parfait

"With the wish to become fully fledged members of the continent of flavours, colours and aromas in the realm of inventive cuisine, we have united talent and drive, striving to make our name renowned throughout the world."

These words describe the motivation behind "Jeunes Restaurateurs of Europe (JRE)" in their quest for the highest standards of cuisine. New member Björn Inniger has definitively found his home at the Restaurant Alpenblick in Adelboden. He is one of just two chefs from the region belonging to this elite circle. Inniger displays not only his creative fusion dishes, but also exclusively provides the recipe to go with it - so have fun trying to recreate his magic at home!

Dandelion Honey Parfait

40 g Poppy seeds
60 g Dandelion honey
10 g Sugar
40 g Water
4 Egg yolks
300 g Whipped cream


Lightly toast the poppy seeds in a non-stick pan over a medium heat. Boil the dandelion honey, sugar and water together until the mixture forms a syrup. Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks until frothy, then add the syrup slowly and continue beating until the mixture is airy and cool. Now immediately fold in the whipped cream and toasted poppy seeds carefully and fill suitable containers or container (e.g. cake tin) with the parfait mixture. Freeze for at least eight hours, preferably overnight. 

Garnish with icing sugar, strawberries marinated in Grand Marnier and baked vanilla biscuits. 

You can buy the dandelion honey, which is made using the dandelion flowers, from the Restaurant Alpenblick. Because there are a lot of dandelions in Adelboden, this dish and indeed the honey can rightly be described as "hiisig" (means local).