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Suspension bridge

Do you have a head for heights? Do you love looking down on plunging depths? One of europe's longest suspension bridge is in Frutigen!

For a spectacular experience, try the adventurous hike along the riverside trail from Rohrbach to Frutigen when you the suspension bridge.

Natural playgrounds and BBQ areas entice visitors to stop and linger on this superb hike along the Engstligen river.

And after a dizzy crossing of one of europe's longest suspension bridge you'll have more than earned a refreshment or two at the Brücken-Beizli restaurant. It all adds up to an amazing outing, and not just for adventurers!

Opening Hours Hängebrüggbeizli
Crossing CHF 1.00 per person, without consummation.

Tu - Su: 9:00 - 17:00 h
Mo: closed

In the evening only on request

Familie Wäfler-Zurbrügg
Schützenweg 20
3714 Frutigen
Tel. +41 33 671 15 83

Bus from Frutigen train station
(direction Adelboden) until « Hostalden »
By foot from Frutigen
(direction Rohrbach) way along Engstligen
Duration: 75 min.
Bus from Adelboden bus station
(direction Frutigen) until « Hostalden »