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Family playgrounds in and around Adelboden and Frutigen invite you to let off steam, have a barbecue or just relax.

The children's playground at Gurtnermatte Adelboden was designed by local mothers who are familiar with the needs of children and their parents. All the activities have been designed to blend in with their environment, making your visit an aesthetically pleasing one. A fire place offers the ideal setting for a family barbecue and the neighbouring sports areas is perfectly located for ball games.

Other family play areas can be found at Widi school, at Kanderbrück school and at Frutigresort in Frutigen as well as in many restaurant gardens.

Picnic and campfire sites

Bergläger, Gurtnermatte, Dorf, Horn, Rossweidli, Stiegelschwand, Unter dem Birg, Sillerenbühl

Elsigseelein und Brandsee, Elsigenalp, Gand, Leimbach, Tellenburg, Murmeli playground