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The 15th Vogellisi Mountain Run Adelboden

No pain, no gain

The next Vogellisi Mountain Run takes place on Sunday 15 July 2018. Runners and Nordic walkers will climb a vertical distance of over 800 metres. The scenic route leads from the Adelboden mineral water spring up to Sillerenbühl. Energetic runners can complete the trail in less than an hour. A special children’s race is being organised at the summit.

Starting at the Mineral Spring (1269m above sea level), the route leads upwards via Bergläger, Geils and Hahnenmoospass to the finish on Sillerenbühl (1974m above sea level).

Spurred on by spectators along the route, the regular participants will cover 12,6 km (9 miles) and the Nordic walkers 8.7km (6 miles). Children can test their stamina on a special trail at the summit covering 1.3km and 135m vertical distance)

Running Tips from Jonathan Schmid

Jonathan Schmid is a Swiss championship mountain runner from Adelboden. Now he's taking over as President of the Vogellisi Mountain Race Committee. Here he gives us some interesting insights into his world of running.

What do you concentrate on while running?
I concentrate on the ground and try to stay focused so I don't slip and fall. Laughter and enjoyment are the most important things during the race. After all, it's not a foregone conclusion that you can even take part in the competition!

Do you have a particular breathing technique or a set rhythm (for example, with music playing in your ears)?
It is important to spread the power and recognise your strengths. I always train with a heart rate monitor, so I know at which pulse I can run for which distance. This helps me not to begin the race too quickly and to pace myself throughout. In this way, I set my own rhythm.

What thoughts help you while you're running or struggling against fatigue?
Most of the time, it's the spectators who cheer you on or another runner who challenges you to keep going to the finish line.

Which aspects of preparation should never be forgotten?
Something decisive I've had to learn is that less is more! It's no use a week before the race to start trying to catch up on missed training sessions. A fortnight before the event, I reduce myself to interval training using only 80-90% of my energy reserves.Then three days before the competition I stop training altogether so that on the day I am up to full strength again.

What are your favourite training routes and why?
Of course, I prefer training somewhere in Adelboden. The most attractive footpaths are along Hörnliweg; the view is stunning and there are plenty of choices. If I have enough energy left, Tschenten isn't too far away, and if my legs are tired, I can change my mind and shorten the route back.

What do you eat directly before and during a race?
The night before a race, I eat lots of carbohydrates - my absolute favourite dish is potato gratin. The following morning, I'll probably only eat two honey bars. I never eat anything during the race. On a one-hour run, I'll take a liquid power gel after about 40 mins. to keep my strength up. Apart from that, I only drink at the refreshment stations along the route.

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