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The trend towards two wheels is obvious - well-known tourist areas in Switzerland and further afield have invested enormous sums in cycle lanes, bike trails and the appropriate infrastructure. Adelboden is no exception. For many years, the town has been meeting the expectations of its cycling guests, for example by providing route signage, tour descriptions or service stations in the region.
Adelboden is also combining this trend with another: E-mountain bikes.
Adelboden and Frutigen offer everything from demanding single trails to gentle cycle routes for families in a comprehensive network of mountain bike paths.

Between Hahnenmoos Pass and the Lake of Thun there are 20 sign-posted cycle paths of varying degrees of distance and difficulty. If you prefer to cycle downhill, your bike can be transported up the mountain free of additional charge.

Selected mountain bike routes

Sillerenbühl-Troneggrat (25.5 km/16 miles)

Straightforward tour which is both exciting and diverse, offering a breathtaking panorama from Gsür across to Albristhorn and Wildstrubel up to Lohner.

Adelboden-Tschentenalp (18 km/11 miles) From Ussere Schwand up to Bütschegga, via Mösere up to Tschentenalp (1940 metres/6365 ft above sea level). There then follows a thrilling descent to Schärmtanne (not recommended for the inexperienced mountain biker).

Both routes can be combined with the Engstligen Loop (61.2 km/38 miles) to create an interesting and diverse tour around the Adelboden area. There are uphill and downhill stretches throughout the route. A number of single trails complement this more demanding tour, which is rewarded with magnificent scenery.

World Cup Tour

(10 km/6 miles) Discover FIS Skiing World Cup race course by bike. Even in summer the legendary Ski World Cup slope has an attraction all of its own.

Alp Metsch

(31.5 km/20 miles) This straightforward tour is mostly on asphalt or natural roads and particularly suitable for beginners to the sport. The scenery is diverse and the route enjoyable.

Bike and E-Bike hire

Büschlen Bikesport & more
Schlegelistr. 1 + 3, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 24 60

Event-Treff Adelboden
Dorfstrasse 22, Adelboden
+41 (0)33 673 21 51

Garage Inniger
Bodenstrasse 1, Adelboden
Ph. +41 (0)33 673 22 60

Hari Sport (only E-Bikes)
Dorfstrasse 17A, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 02 70

Hotel Bären Adelboden (nur E-Bike Miete)
Dorfstrasse 22, Adelboden
Tel. +41 (0)33 673 21 51

Bike Oase AG
Dammweg 8, Frutigen
Tel. +41 (0)33 671 16 76

Veloschöpfli Zürcher
Kanderstegstrasse 18, Frutigen
Tel. +41 (0)33 671 36 46

Berghaus Elsigenalp
5x Fatbike
Tel. +41 (0)33 671 10 26

Cycle transport

  • Free of charge on the TschentenAlp and Elsigenalp
  • Adelboden-Silleren and Hahnenmoos CHF 10.- per bike
  • On buses, the same tarif applies to cycles as to passengers
  • Bus Adelboden - Geils CHF 3.- per bike



Mountain Bike Map (scale 1:40,000)

Mountain Bike Map (scale 1:40,000)

Available from Adelboden or Frutigen Tourist Centers.