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Alpaufzug Engstligenalp

A unique procession

For 500 cows, the 70 day long summer stay on the high plateau at Engstligenalp begins with the traditional procession up the narrow pathways, called "Alpaufzug" to the end of June.

The cows of the Frutigen region are not afraid to tread the narrow path, for it leads to the lush meadows of the alpine plateau! Accompanied by experienced shep-herds, they take their 600m early-morning climb to Engstligenalp easily in their stride. Only the calves are transported by mountain cableway.

From the cablecar to the high plateau you view the zigzag of climbing cattle from an eagle's perspective. 

This colourful and traditional migration is one of the most spectacular in all Switzerland.


ATTENTION: During the alpine procession, all liability is declined on the alpine procession route "Unter dem Birg - Engstligenalp"!