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Adelboden and Frutigen offer excellent opportunities for hang-gliding. Launches can be made from various mountains giving a bird's-eye view of the winter landscape.

As the passenger of a hang-gliding professional, you will quickly discover why the birds sing! Four or five steps towards the valley and you are floating above it. The thrill slowly gives way to a feeling of space and freedom.

You have the choice between being the passenger on a tandem-flight or taking a course in hang-gliding yourself.

The local hang-gliding school promises you a simply unforgettable experience on a tandem-flight, with only a few basic requirements needing to be met by the passenger. Additionally there are one-day "sampler" courses and 2-3 day basic training courses before continuing training for your solo-flight.


Gleitschirmflugschule Frutigland
Postfach 4
3714 Frutigen
Tel. +41 (0)79 630 98 93

Paragliding Kandertal
Hofstattweg 3
3638 Blumenstein
Tel. +41 (0)77 522 39 77

Kropf fly
3703 Aeschiried
Tel. +41 (0)33 654 45 30

S. Schnidrig
Tel. +41 (0)78 652 77 32