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The traditional spectacle on World Cup mountain, Chuenisbärgli

A great tradition lives on at Chuenisbärgli on Sunday 19 february 2017with the traditional «Horäschlittä-Renä». In bygone days, hay was stored in special barns called «Finneln» on mountains and pastures before being transported down to the valley in winter by farmers on huge horned sledges.

From this old Adelboden custom evolved a race which is hard to beat in terms of either excitement or nostalgic spectacle. Dressed in old-fashioned, halflinen clothes and pointed caps or in modern winter sportswear and helmets, every team tries to be the fastest to negotiate the perilous, winding descent. This traditional festival starts on Saturday evening with a fair and bar, and on Sunday at midday, the first of over 100 sledge pairs begin their hair-raising race down the hill at breakneck speeds. A knowledgeable and dedicated group of spectators line the route and fill the finishing arena to cheer the winners and ensure a great atmosphere. It goes without saying that there is plenty to eat and drink as you enjoy the traditional folk music entertainment.