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Mammut boulder course at Engstligenalp

Mammut boulder course at Engstligenalp

Engstligenalp is a large Alpine plateau whose landscape makes it an extremely exciting bouldering area in summer. A boulder is a large piece of rock. Instead of using ropes and hooks, boulder climbing takes place on rocks at jumping height from the ground. To make it even safer, there’s a mat to cushion and protect your landing when you jump. Uniquely
for Switzerland, you can also do a boulder assault course, combining hiking and boulder climbing on Engstligenalp to create an all-round experience in the open air.

Engstligenalp offers eight different boulder courses. They are rated differently and alongside some quite gentle boulders there are also some real tough ones! Several of the courses can be attempted by all the family as they are on a flat flowery meadow crossed by small streams... a paradise for children!

Equipment can be hired from the Engstligenalp Mountain Hotel, open from mid-June to mid-October.

Bergbahnen Engstligenalp AG
Tel. 033 673 32 70
Climbing for sport in Frutigen




Adelboden and Frutigen offer excellent opportunities for hang-gliding. Launches can be made from various mountains giving a bird's-eye view of the winter landscape.

As the passenger of a hang-gliding professional, you will quickly discover why the birds sing! Four or five steps towards the valley and you are floating above it. The thrill slowly gives way to a feeling of space and freedom.

You have the choice between being the passenger on a tandem-flight or taking a course in hang-gliding yourself.

The local hang-gliding school promises you a simply unforgettable experience on a tandem-flight, with only a few basic requirements needing to be met by the passenger. Additionally there are one-day "sampler" courses and 2-3 day basic training courses before continuing training for your solo-flight.


Gleitschirmflugschule Frutigland
Postfach 4
3714 Frutigen
Tel. +41 (0)79 630 98 93

Kropf fly
3703 Aeschiried
Tel. +41 (0)33 654 45 30

Chäligang Fixed Rope Route

Chäligang Fixed Rope Route

The newest mountain climbing route in Adelboden sits in the shadow of the roaring Engstligen Falls and leads up to Engstligenalp. Anyone undertaking this tour on foot is guaranteed a grandiose and unique natural spectacle.

The starting point for the climb is the base station of the Engstligenalp cable car. After 20 minutes comfortable walking, the route starts to ascend with a fixed rope lining the Chäligang trail.

The path is simple and the views of the Engstli Valley below and Adelboden in the distance is marked by colourful impressions. Some sections require greater concentration as the nearby waterfalls provide a source of distraction.

A viewpoint directly over the falls offers the chance to experience the natural world with every sense. After a more challenging passage in the rocks, the route follows a wide rocky face up to the Edelweiss plane. Every the name conjures up superlative images as hundreds of this protected species flourish here alongside other rare plants. Botany truly comes to life here. The rope-lined route comes to an end and climbers rejoin the official mountain track over flowery Alpine meadows to the summit station of the Engstligenalp cable-car.

En route you can let the impressions sink in while taking some refreshment in the two mountain taverns.

Level of   difficulty  K2 (1 = easy, 5 = difficult), red route
 Duration  3 hours (20 min. to start of climb)
 Vertical distance         560m/1800ft (Rope route 300m/980ft)
 Openin dates  Mid-June to approx. Mid-October, every Wednesday guided tour, CHF 79.- per person
 Equipment pickup  Equipment collection: Base station of Engstligenalp
 Price  No entrance charge for the route!


 Equipment hire  Harness  SFr. 10.-
   Helmet  SFr. 6.-
   Other equipment  SFr. 10.-

Climbing Combi  SFr. 22.- Adults, SFr. 16.- Children
Combi + Return trip on cable car SFr. 37.- Adults, SFr. 23.- Children

Furhter information:

Segway Tours

Segway Tours

Discover the unique Segway driving experience as you glide silently through Adelboden’s diverse areas of natural beauty.

Opening Times
Monday - Sunday
9am - 12pm
2pm - 5pm

Bike- & Segway-Chalet
Dorfstrasse 68
Tel. +41 75 417 42 01